Beginning Your Next Chapter

Moving on and letting go

My son graduated from college this past weekend.  While I am very proud of him, it also got me thinking ~ time to end another chapter and begin the next one

Are you at the point where it is time to end a chapter?  Are you hanging on and keeping a chapter open longer than need be due to fear of letting go? Moving on? 

It can be scary to let go and move on.  Yet, isn’t it necessary for growth?  Oftentimes when we become comfortable, that is our sign that change is needed if we want to keep moving forward; if we want to keep experiencing life; if we want continued improvement in our life.

While my son may still need me from time to time, a big chapter has closed.  I am now able to spend more time and focus on myself and the continued development of my business.  Exciting? Yes!  A little scary?  You bet!  As those nigglings of doubt may begin to creep in, it’s time for the reminder of “just do it”, instead of “overthink and freeze”.

What chapter are you looking at closing?  Which chapter is the next for you to move forward and begin?  Is this a bewildering time for you?  Do you know how to proceed?  It can sometimes be easy to get lost in the overwhelm.  You do not have to do this alone.  Let’s connect.  I can be reached at or schedule a call with me to discuss further at I look forward to connecting with you. Have a great week!


I Wanna Rock ~ And Have Some Fun!

Yesterday I went to see the musical, “Rock of Ages”.  I absolutely loved it! It was funny and the music was great.  I’m not surprised I enjoyed it since I’ve re-watched the movie many times (I know it is cheesy, but I love it!), but you never know how a book, or a movie, will translate to the live stage.  I graduated from high school in 1984.  “Rock of Ages” was for me a nostalgic trip back to once-upon-a-time.  While it was fun to visit for a couple of hours, it was great to return to 2019.

 What does my seeing “Rock of Ages” have to do with empowerment or leadership?  It is a reminder to make time for fun and laughter. Fun allows us to take a break from our to-do lists, deadlines, and all the things we think we “should” do.  Laughing gets the dopamine in our brains to transmit and allows us to feel good, thus improving our mood.  When we take the time to have fun, we tend to be more focused and productive afterwards.

 We are never too busy to have fun.  If we are, then it is even more important to set aside the time.  Review your calendar.  Do you have “fun” scheduled in it?  If so, how often? Would it help to add in some more?  If not, why not? 

 I love color coding my calendars.  This way I can review my calendar at a glance and see how my time is being spent. 

 Be sure to get some fun scheduled this week! 


 P.S. Do you find that you are more focused on your tasks, deadlines, and to-do’s?  Connect with me if you could use some help working on balancing your schedule.  I can be reached at or schedule a call with me at  I look forward to connecting with you!

Chasing Our Dreams ~ Let's Make Them Our Reality

Do you remember the big dreams you had as a child? As a teenager? In your 20s? Maybe even your 30s, 40s, or 50s?

 Did you follow your dreams and make them a reality? Or did you take on the doubt that was voiced to you and chose the safe path; the expected path; the responsible path?

 Did you wake up one day and ask yourself how in the hell you ended up here? Feeling like you’ve forgotten who you were? Wondering who you currently are? Realizing you aren’t necessarily happy or fulfilled?

 Or, have you experienced that when you have worked towards your goals, those closest, nearest, and dearest seem to talk you out of it? Or tell you all that go could wrong? Or maybe even tell you that you are being irresponsible for wanting to make your dreams a reality and that you should just be responsible and get a “real job”?

 You feel shamed and guilty for thinking and wanting something for yourself.  You begin to doubt your capabilities and go back to the safe way of living all the while your misery increases.  You feel like the joy and passion have been sucked out of you and you just go through the motions.  Whenever you see someone who broke out of the traditional “get a job”, you feel envious, wistful and tell yourself all the reasons why it couldn’t work for you.

 But, wait.  Take a deep breath.

Those family members and friends are not necessarily being meanspirited.  Believe it or not, they are trying to keep you safe.  “Safe” for many is working a 9-5 job for someone else, a boss.  Many of us though are meant to do other things and if our loved ones haven’t lived the non 9 to 5 kind of job, they may be wary and concerned for you.

What is it you want to do? What is your passion?  What would bring you joy?  Why can’t you do it?  The top two reasons are (1) money and (2) time.  Let me challenge those thoughts – think about how much time and money are wasted doing something you do not wish to be doing; do not have a passion for; and feel like a concrete brick tied to your ankle constantly bringing you down.  Not only are you and your health impacted by not living a life you were meant to live, your relationships are greatly impacted – or you do not even have the energy to engage in your relationships which mean they suffer even more.

Making time for you, your happiness, and your passion does not make you selfish.  It can help you feel better, take better care of yourself and others, and overall experience a higher quality of living.

Need help doing so? Let’s connect and we can come up with a plan; set goals for the week, month, and beyond; and keep you accountable, especially when the doubts start creeping in.  That saying is correct, “life is not a dress rehearsal”.  Let’s work on making this one count.  Let’s have you live your life.

 Who’s in?  I can be reached by email at or schedule a call with me for us to discuss further at  I look forward to helping you to live your life.



Working With Our Medical & Mental Health Issues

You have probably heard about working with resistance rather than working against it.  The analogy of a bow and arrow explains this.  To shoot the arrow, you work with the resistance by pulling the bow back and letting the arrow move forward.  If we were to work against the resistance of the bow and arrow, the arrow would just fall to the ground and not move forward.  This is great example of how working with the resistance, instead of fighting against it, makes shooting the arrow to be successful.

So why do we fight it when it comes to our health issues – our medical health and mental health?  I have encountered many individuals who use their health setbacks as a time to mentally beat themselves up, regress in their progress and belief about their abilities, and feel defeated.

Setbacks are discouraging.  However, what if we plan for when these occurrences happen instead of punishing ourselves when they do?  Some individuals can track when they might have an occurrence based upon time of the year, stress levels, hormonal levels, or anniversary dates - just to name a few.  Many cannot track them and feel blindsided when they do occur. Regardless of what is your experience, how about setting up a plan for the next time you have a setback.  Do so now, while you are feeling well so you will be ready. 

Steps to take to manage a health setback:

1.      What helps you when you have a setback?  It could be getting some extra sleep, fresh air, listening to certain music, or certain food or beverages.  Find a way to add these to your daily/weekly schedule, i.e. make a playlist of your favorite songs, stock up on these foods/beverages so they are available to you, rearrange your schedule (as much as you can) so you can get that extra sleep; plan for a walk or sitting outside so you can get that fresh air.

2.      Be nice to yourself.  You are already feeling like crap.  Don’t add to it by mentally beating yourself up.  Our inner critic is never pleasant and especially when we aren’t feeling well!  If your inner negative critic is showing up, have a mantra ready that you can keep repeating.  Some mantras might be, “This is only a setback”, “It is okay to take care of me”, “Self-care now will help me feel better”, “My goals aren’t unobtainable and are just on hold right now”, or one that you find that works better for you.  Write it down.  Have it nearby.  Read it out loud when not feeling well. 

3.      Review your goals for that day/week.  What can you actually do when not feeling well?  Break your goals down smaller if they are too big to handle or too overwhelming when not feeling well.  Then, break that goal down even smaller.  Make your goals small enough so you can still work towards them and be successful.  Our goals are to help us move forward.  If your goals add to your feeling of less than and unreachable when you aren’t feeling well, they are too big.  For example, if you were supposed to attend a networking event but now cannot get out of bed, you will need to miss the event.  One way to break that goal down further would be to connect with those who were going to attend the event.  To break that goal down even further, connect with one or two of the attendees by email.  This way you are still networking, you can send an email from your bed, and connecting with one person is more than not connecting with anyone. 

4.      Positive affirmations.  Since you already feel awful and your inner critic is probably yelling at you, read through positive affirmations. Make sure you read the statements and do not counter them.  Make these affirmations now while you are feeling well.  Keep them nearby so when you need them, you will have them.

5.      Use your support system.  Yes, your support system wants to help you!  No, you are NOT a burden!  Reach out to someone who is supportive.  Make sure your support person is not negative or critical of you.  Let them know you are struggling right now and having a setback.  Use them as your accountability buddy (which means when you are feeling well, you share your plan with them so they know ahead of time) so they can help you to take care of yourself and keep moving forward even when you don’t feel well.

6.      Schedule a session with your Coach.  Connect with your coach.  That is why you have one!  Let her know you are struggling with your health issues and that you do not want to lose your momentum. 

It can be frustrating when illness prevents us from our scheduled plans.  It is a sign that we need to take care of ourselves.  Ride the wave and work with the resistance; not against it.  Above all else, use self-compassion to help you get through this episode.  It will help you return even stronger.

If this is a topic you would like help with, connect with me by email at or schedule a call with me at  I look forward to connecting with you.

Say "YES" to you!

Have you read Shonda Rhimes’ book, “Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand in the Sun, and Be Your Own Person”?  If not, I highly recommend it!  I read this book shortly after it was published and find it still relevant today.

 Why is this the focus of this week’s email?  I promise you this email is not a book report!

 Who here has had, or currently have, big wants, goals, and dreams?

 Who here identifies or admits being an overthinker?

 What happens to your big wants, goals, and dreams once you spend time thinking and then overthinking?  Do you find the flaws in these wants, goals, and dreams?  Do you find all the reasons why they won’t work?  Do you get discouraged and then walk away from these wants, goals and dreams feeling dejected, deflated, and hopeless?  For many of us, I believe those answers are all “yes”.

 But…. what if we changed those answers to “no” and going after our wants, goals and dreams to “yes”?

 In Year of Yes, Shonda Rhimes works on stepping out of her comfort zone and doing something different – instead of responding with her usual “no” when she had opportunities presented to her, she decides to do the opposite and say “yes”.  Yes, she must deal with the discomfort.  Yes, she must deal with the anxiety and fear, but she is also able to meet people and have experiences that if she had said “no”, she never would have encountered.

 We can stay comfortable and remain in the safe lane of our comfort zone.  Or, we can think about what our wants, goals and dreams are and begin to say “yes” so we can have new experiences and encounters.  Which will you choose?

 If this is something that resonates with you, but you are hesitant on how to begin, connect with me and we can discuss further.  What better way to work on our wants, goals, and dreams than with a coach is can assist challenging those negative thoughts that make us want to stop and walk away; believe in us when we struggle to do so; and provide accountability to help us actually achieve our goals and dreams.  Send me an email at or schedule a call at  I look forward to connecting with you

 Remember to say “yes” to you!


New Day, New Week, New Month, New Quarter - No Foolin'

Happy April 1st!

 While I know that spring technically begins on March 20th, in my head it begins on April 1st.  Not sure why – it could be because the sun is out longer during the day and we begin to see more flowers popping up through the ground and some, i.e. the crocuses and daffodils, are getting ready to bloom.

 This year’s April 1st, I think is a win-win for us.  Not only is it the beginning of a new month, it is also the beginning of a new week and a new quarter (can you believe 1/3 of the year is already gone?!)

Although it is nearing the end of the day, it is not too late to set up your goals for this week, this month, this quarter, and to even reflect on what you accomplished today.  Why would you want to do that you might ask?  Good question!

 Have you ever had some great ideas and plans?  But they stayed ideas and plans because you did not act?  And then, one day you are musing over your current state and how you are lacking progress and realize those great ideas and plans could have come to fruition by now had you acted on them?  If this is an experience you have had, do not worry.  You are not alone.  I think most of us have done this at sometime or another.  I also understand all the mind games we can play with ourselves to keep our ideas and plans just that, ideas and plans.

 Does the idea of setting goals cause your stomach to flip, your chest to tighten, and your breath to quicken?  If so, that is okay.  Go slow.  Remember to breathe – what we tend to do when stressed is constrict and hold our breath.  It makes us feel worse.  Take a deep breath.  Hold it.  Slowly exhale.  Repeat. 

 Even if you write down a goal – and you write it down in pen – that is okay.  It is a goal.  It is not set in stone.  You may find that it was more intricate than you initially thought.  Or there may have been some curveballs thrown your away that prevented you from achieving your goal in the timeframe you originally noted.  Or those mind games got in the way. What matters to begin with is that you identify one, or more, goals that you would like to work on.  Write them down.  Set up steps to act towards achieving your goal.

 After you have been able to identify a/some goal(s), then you want to make your goal is a SMART goal:






Following this format will help you work towards being successful in reaching your goals.

 A good routine to follow towards helping you achieve your goals is to:

 -set no more than 3-4 daily goals that will help you work towards achieving your weekly goals.  Review at the end of each day as to the status of your goals and what needs to be carried over to the next day as well as what was accomplished today.  Always celebrate your successes no matter how small you consider them.  Any goal success reinforces you to be able to keep working towards achieving bigger goals.  When we can enjoy our little successes, we will be able to relish and enjoy our larger successes.

 -on Sundays plan out your weekly goals.  Write out what steps you need to take during the week so by week’s end, you will have achieved your weekly goals.  Before you plan out your weekly goals, review the previous week’s goals and assess what was achieved, what needs to be carried over, and what needs to possibly be revised. Again, celebrate your successes!  (Sometimes a success can be recognizing why the goal wasn’t achieved)

-at the end of the month, review what your goals were for that month. Again, look at how you did with these goals.  Do you need to revise any of the goals?  Do you need to put more action steps into achieving a goal?  Remember to celebrate your successes!  After reviewing the previous month’s goals, what are your goals for the upcoming month?  As you write out your new monthly goals, keep in mind that these goals will in turn help you identify your weekly and daily goals for that month.

 -at the end of the quarter, review what were your goals for that quarter as well as how you did with your work on these goals.  Assess if you wish to continue these goals in the next quarter, revise your goals, and/or add new goals.  Your quarterly goals help you when breaking down your monthly, weekly, and daily goals.

 I purposely outlined the above to begin with our daily goals.  When someone is new to this process, or those who have found themselves repeatedly avoiding their goals, starting at yearly or quarterly goals can seem extremely overwhelming.  If this sounds familiar, then begin with your daily goal.  I am a firm believer in baby steps – your first goal could be identifying and writing down a goal. 

 Your goal for tonight is to identify at least 1 goal for you to work on tomorrow.  You can do it!

 If you have any questions, want to learn more, or work on those mind games, either email me at or schedule a complimentary discovery call with me at


I wish you a fabulous week!


Watching the Olympics gets me thinking....

I love watching the Olympics.  I love how our country comes together to cheer on our athletes.  I love how these athletes give it their all and watch in anticipation as they find out how they scored.  I love how watching the Olympics makes me think of my own goals and progress.

Now, I am not in the same class as our Olympic athletes!  There is no disputing that!  Yet, just as our athletes, I too, have my own goals and dreams.  As we are nearing the middle of February, and I'm watching these spectacular jumps, skating, and skiing, I think back to the goals I set for me for 2018.

Do you do the same?  When was the last time you looked at your New Year's Resolutions?  Did you put them in SMART goal format?  






(Now, if you watched my Facebook video, you witnessed me having the courage to be imperfect as I blanked on what SMART stands for!!)

Most people write their goals as “get in shape”, “lose weight”, “find a new job”.  Written in that format, these goals seem overwhelming and unattainable.  It is easy to feel defeated before you even begin.  By using the SMART goal format, you break your goals down into smaller, attainable steps.  It is nice when we have goals and feel as if we have a plan towards accomplishing them.  It is not too late to rewrite your goals for 2018 into the SMART goal format.  I encourage you to do so as you will not feel so overwhelmed.

In reviewing and revising our 2018 goals, we can also see the progress we have made.  Just by doing one small thing each day, we are working towards your goals.  While the destination is our goal (the end result), the journey is where we will grow as a person.  The steps we take, the progress we make, the ways we change for the betterment of ourselves, is really what our goals are all about. 

Our lives are crazy busy.  We have schedules, deadlines, and demands.  We work on balancing our schedules with family and friends – which can also seem overwhelming at times.  What is the first thing we drop when our schedules get congested?  Usually, ourselves.

What can you do each day for you?  Yes, you.  Just you.  I wouldn’t be surprised if there are gasps and muttering right now about how you don’t have time; who am I to suggest such a thing; and/or I must be crazy!  I get it.  I remember those same thoughts as a single mom working full-time in a demanding job.  Seriously, if you can carve out even 15 minutes a day for you, I promise you will see results and feel better.  Fifteen minutes to read a book, play the piano, go for a walk, journal, jam out to your favorite music playlist, do some kundalini yoga, send an inquiry email, etc.  Fifteen minutes just for you.  Fifteen minutes to take a baby step, or two, towards your dreams/goals. 

With those 15 minutes dedicated to you, you will feel calmer, more refreshed, and possibly more energized.  You will decrease some stress and may even find yourself not being so short or irritated when others place their demands on you.  Or, when tensions get high, you may find you don’t get so rattled and are calmer. 

You deserve at least 15 minutes a day.  You deserve the time for you to focus on your goals and dreams.  As Art Williams said, “I am not telling you it’s going to be easy.  I am telling you it’s going to be worth it”.

You deserve it! 

If you need some help adjusting your goals, or encouragement and structure to work on them, connect with me!

Denise M. Styer, PsyD, GLCC

February 12, 2018

Tonight’s Golden Globes:  It is 2018 – Time is Now – No More

Watching the Golden Globes this evening was a tearful one for me.  I cannot recall ever having shed as many tears during this show as I did tonight.  Some of my tears were happy tears, some were “it’s about time” tears, some were sad tears, and many were tears of the pain that, so many women have had to experience.

We have been a society of rape culture.  If something happened to a woman and she attempted to seek justice, it was her sexual past, her fashion sense, her use of alcohol, and the audacity of being out on her own that were on trial.  Not her abuser/rapist/assailant.  We teach girls from an early age to be safe - to go out in groups, to not walk around alone in the dark, to have her keys ready to gouge someone, to park under lights, to attend self-defense classes taught by men, to carry pepper spray or mace and not spray themselves, and that heels are not only fashion but a great weapon.  We have special words to say to bartenders if our safety is feeling threatened.  There has even been nail polish invented that by dipping your finger into your drink, you can tell if your drink has been drugged.  Women have been taught that they need men to protect them and keep them safe.  However, the question and perplexity are – which men are the good guys and which ones are the ones who will hurt us.  And, why must we have men protect us?  Why can we not be equals?  Companions? Friends? Lovers? Confidants?

I have been sexually harassed.  #metoo.  I still remember walking down a street in my hometown with my friend.  I was wearing my Gloria Vanderbilt jeans and my blue espadrille’s.  I must have been a freshman in high school.  When the construction workers whistled, and cat called us, my friend and I giggled.  I look back at that incident and think how warped it was that these adult men calling out at barely teenagers boosted my self-esteem.  That it was my belief at that moment in time that this was a compliment and not something that I/we should be disgusted by.  There were, of course, many other times of harassment, but this one stands out.  It speaks volumes to me as to what I thought a young female in the late 70s/early 80s represented as well as the belief of how I increased my self-worth at that time.

In all honesty, I have not been sexually assaulted.  Over the years I have reflected on how did I escape the 1 in 4 girls will be sexually assaulted by the time they reach 18.  That is a staggering number.  I do not know why I was not one of those who have been.  I don’t believe there is a secret to not having this happen.

However, over the past 25 years many, many of the individuals I have worked with have experienced rape/date rape/incest/sexual assault.  Oftentimes, this was the first time these individuals ever shared with anyone that they had been hurt and, if they could find their voice, was ignored and silenced against their will.  I am honored to have had the trust by these individuals to be part of their journey in doing this very difficult work.  My role was one of compassion, nonjudgment, and teaching how to find their voice, use their voice, empower them, cope in a healthy positive way and engage in self-care.  For them, it was painful and heartbreaking as well as freeing and empowering.  There have been tears, rage, shame, guilt, self-harm, eating disorders, use of drugs/alcohol, and suicide attempts.  For many, there was healing and recovery.

There were calls to insurance companies to get authorization for treatment and denied because they weren’t moving fast enough in their treatment.  There have been calls to the Department of Children Services that were not deemed serious enough for follow up by the very organization that was to protect these individuals.  There were multiple calls to the Department of Children Services for any little thing that could be reported so that the system would be alerted and investigate.  There have been calls to the Department of Children Services where parameters were put in place to get the individual and their family help.  There have been calls to Department of Children Services where a family member was removed from the home for the harm they had been causing thus causing relief and guilt by the individual who had been abused.

My tears tonight was also for those brave girls and boys who shared their story with their family.  The families who were supportive and felt horrible and willing to do anything to help their child.  I wish I could say those families were the norm.  The families that denied anything happened.  The families that said, “get over it already”.  The families that were initially supportive but then became angry once they realized they had to choose between their children on how they would handle family gatherings.  The anger the family felt toward the abused individual who took the risk to share what had happened – anger at the victim, not the son who had abused their daughter.  The girl recanting her story once she realized she was being ostracized from the family.  The girl who became an adult and did well living on her own but then needing to return home for one reason or another to only decompensate because how can one function effectively if living near their abuser? The adult whose abuser died, and she was left with unanswered questions and wondering if it was okay to love the person who had also caused her such harm.  And, the many, many, many individuals who thought if they confronted their abuser they would get a heartfelt apology and remorse over what happened only to be heartbroken and disappointed when the incident(s) was denied. These scenarios do not represent any one individual’s story.  They are some of the main themes I have encountered working with trauma over the years.    

My tears tonight was for their courage; taking a risk to find their voice; working so hard to learn how to live without harmful coping behaviors; moving beyond what happened to them, and taking back their lives.  One will never forget their abuse.  Yet, one can live beyond it and learn to trust themselves and others.  One can find their voice and learn to use it.  One can learn to trust in themselves and others and have healthy relationships.  These reasons are why I am so passionate about working with girls/women to empower them, find their voice, use their voice, and take care of themselves.  I believe in them.

This past year has been a tumultuous time in our country.  Yet, there has been some positives one of which was women standing up and speaking out.  Not every woman wants to make their story public or are ready to share and that is okay.  Their story is their story and it is their choice to share what and if they choose.  Those women who have been vocal have helped change the landscape.  Men who harm women, take advantage of them, use power and manipulation against women are learning that we will no longer stand by silently.  Women are empowering each other and supporting each other. We are strong.  And we are finding out who the good men are as they stand up and speak out against these behaviors and are supportive. 

Oprah’s speech was powerful, inspiring, and empowering this evening.  If you didn’t see it, I strongly encourage you to find it and watch it.  Two takeaways from Oprah that resonated with me were,

speaking your truth is the most powerful tool that you have” and

a new day is on the horizon”.

Time is up.  No more. Me too.


Denise M. Styer, PsyD, GLCC

January 7, 2018