Chasing Our Dreams ~ Let's Make Them Our Reality

Do you remember the big dreams you had as a child? As a teenager? In your 20s? Maybe even your 30s, 40s, or 50s?

 Did you follow your dreams and make them a reality? Or did you take on the doubt that was voiced to you and chose the safe path; the expected path; the responsible path?

 Did you wake up one day and ask yourself how in the hell you ended up here? Feeling like you’ve forgotten who you were? Wondering who you currently are? Realizing you aren’t necessarily happy or fulfilled?

 Or, have you experienced that when you have worked towards your goals, those closest, nearest, and dearest seem to talk you out of it? Or tell you all that go could wrong? Or maybe even tell you that you are being irresponsible for wanting to make your dreams a reality and that you should just be responsible and get a “real job”?

 You feel shamed and guilty for thinking and wanting something for yourself.  You begin to doubt your capabilities and go back to the safe way of living all the while your misery increases.  You feel like the joy and passion have been sucked out of you and you just go through the motions.  Whenever you see someone who broke out of the traditional “get a job”, you feel envious, wistful and tell yourself all the reasons why it couldn’t work for you.

 But, wait.  Take a deep breath.

Those family members and friends are not necessarily being meanspirited.  Believe it or not, they are trying to keep you safe.  “Safe” for many is working a 9-5 job for someone else, a boss.  Many of us though are meant to do other things and if our loved ones haven’t lived the non 9 to 5 kind of job, they may be wary and concerned for you.

What is it you want to do? What is your passion?  What would bring you joy?  Why can’t you do it?  The top two reasons are (1) money and (2) time.  Let me challenge those thoughts – think about how much time and money are wasted doing something you do not wish to be doing; do not have a passion for; and feel like a concrete brick tied to your ankle constantly bringing you down.  Not only are you and your health impacted by not living a life you were meant to live, your relationships are greatly impacted – or you do not even have the energy to engage in your relationships which mean they suffer even more.

Making time for you, your happiness, and your passion does not make you selfish.  It can help you feel better, take better care of yourself and others, and overall experience a higher quality of living.

Need help doing so? Let’s connect and we can come up with a plan; set goals for the week, month, and beyond; and keep you accountable, especially when the doubts start creeping in.  That saying is correct, “life is not a dress rehearsal”.  Let’s work on making this one count.  Let’s have you live your life.

 Who’s in?  I can be reached by email at or schedule a call with me for us to discuss further at  I look forward to helping you to live your life.