Why a Coach?

When you’re in business meeting, do you hesitate to share your idea?  Do you think you’ll be met with criticism, or discounted?  Do you get frustrated with yourself when one of your colleagues shares their idea and you know yours was better? But you didn't speak up?

Do you go out with family or friends and stay quiet? Do you hesitate to speak your mind for fear of rocking the boat?  Fear of being picked on?  Ridiculed or teased?

Have you had past experiences where you tried to use your voice and was shut down or threatened?

Do you have goals or project you’ve been working on, but you can’t seem to complete?

Are you going through a divorce and could use some guidance on how to manage this entire process?

Do you engage in eating disorder and/or self-injurious behavior ‘s and struggle to set up a system to use your positive coping skills?

Are you in an environment where you would like to improve your leadership skills but really don’t know how? Or, you would like to build upon your skill set?

Would you like your choice in employment and partner to be more in aligned with your values?

A coach could be instrumental for any of the above scenarios.  A coach would be able to work with you on your goal setting and implementation.  Having a coach can assist with your accountability. Depending upon what your needs are, a coach can also teach you skills

Unlike therapy, coaching is focused on the here and the now. It is time-limited. There are no diagnoses given. There is no insurance to be dealt with. Coaching can be done live in person in an office. Or, it could be done on the phone, by FaceTime, Skype, or by Zoom.

If there is an area that you feel stuck or would like to improve upon, connect with me and we can discuss an individual coaching plan to meet your needs. Coaching programs are three- or six-months in length. If you choose a three-month program and you believe more time would be beneficial, we can keep moving forward. Payment plans are available to assist you as you make this investment for you and your future.

Let me know if you have any questions.  I am looking forward to getting to know you!

Denise M. Styer, PsyD, GLCC

January 29, 2018