A New Year, A New Empowered You

Happy New Year!  

How great it was this morning to login to Instagram and see #timesup.  Women across every industry are standing in solidarity with each other against sexual harassment, sexual assault, and discrimination.  

Tarana Burke created #metoo in 2007.  It caught momentum this past year as many women, and some men, came forward and said #metoo -- that they had also experienced sexual harassment, discrimination, and/or sexual assault and would no longer remain silent.  The impact has been astounding, but it is just the beginning.  I love seeing women realize that they have a voice and by using their voices, change for good can happen.  We have been silent for way too long. 

Do you relate to #metoo and #timesup?  Would you like to find your voice, learn to use your voice, and empower yourself?  I am offering a 3 month coaching program where we will do just that.   If you want more information, check out www.denisestyer.com or send an email to denisestyer@comcast.net.  I look forward to getting to know you!