Watching the Olympics gets me thinking....

I love watching the Olympics.  I love how our country comes together to cheer on our athletes.  I love how these athletes give it their all and watch in anticipation as they find out how they scored.  I love how watching the Olympics makes me think of my own goals and progress.

Now, I am not in the same class as our Olympic athletes!  There is no disputing that!  Yet, just as our athletes, I too, have my own goals and dreams.  As we are nearing the middle of February, and I'm watching these spectacular jumps, skating, and skiing, I think back to the goals I set for me for 2018.

Do you do the same?  When was the last time you looked at your New Year's Resolutions?  Did you put them in SMART goal format?  






(Now, if you watched my Facebook video, you witnessed me having the courage to be imperfect as I blanked on what SMART stands for!!)

Most people write their goals as “get in shape”, “lose weight”, “find a new job”.  Written in that format, these goals seem overwhelming and unattainable.  It is easy to feel defeated before you even begin.  By using the SMART goal format, you break your goals down into smaller, attainable steps.  It is nice when we have goals and feel as if we have a plan towards accomplishing them.  It is not too late to rewrite your goals for 2018 into the SMART goal format.  I encourage you to do so as you will not feel so overwhelmed.

In reviewing and revising our 2018 goals, we can also see the progress we have made.  Just by doing one small thing each day, we are working towards your goals.  While the destination is our goal (the end result), the journey is where we will grow as a person.  The steps we take, the progress we make, the ways we change for the betterment of ourselves, is really what our goals are all about. 

Our lives are crazy busy.  We have schedules, deadlines, and demands.  We work on balancing our schedules with family and friends – which can also seem overwhelming at times.  What is the first thing we drop when our schedules get congested?  Usually, ourselves.

What can you do each day for you?  Yes, you.  Just you.  I wouldn’t be surprised if there are gasps and muttering right now about how you don’t have time; who am I to suggest such a thing; and/or I must be crazy!  I get it.  I remember those same thoughts as a single mom working full-time in a demanding job.  Seriously, if you can carve out even 15 minutes a day for you, I promise you will see results and feel better.  Fifteen minutes to read a book, play the piano, go for a walk, journal, jam out to your favorite music playlist, do some kundalini yoga, send an inquiry email, etc.  Fifteen minutes just for you.  Fifteen minutes to take a baby step, or two, towards your dreams/goals. 

With those 15 minutes dedicated to you, you will feel calmer, more refreshed, and possibly more energized.  You will decrease some stress and may even find yourself not being so short or irritated when others place their demands on you.  Or, when tensions get high, you may find you don’t get so rattled and are calmer. 

You deserve at least 15 minutes a day.  You deserve the time for you to focus on your goals and dreams.  As Art Williams said, “I am not telling you it’s going to be easy.  I am telling you it’s going to be worth it”.

You deserve it! 

If you need some help adjusting your goals, or encouragement and structure to work on them, connect with me!

Denise M. Styer, PsyD, GLCC

February 12, 2018